Key/Lock/Wafer Analysis

Key Code Analysis

As part of our on going effort to give the best service possible, NETS can obtain factory original lock and key codes. The code is generated by the vehicle manufacturer at the time the auto is being built. This information can be valuable in the examination process as it allows OEM key verification of available keys.

This service greatly helps in determining if the locks on the vehicle were changed at any time. Any questions or concerns be sure to email or phone us.

Key / Wafer Analysis

This microscopic examination is a process that exceeds any borescope examination into the interior of any lock components whether it pertains to a vehicle, residential or other type of lock. It is an examination which does not end with the analysis of the interior lock components as It also includes a microscopic examination of the keys.

It is the type of examination that will result in providing our clients with all available physical evidence present on the examined components. The compilation of factual data, as well as an analysis of those facts, are accomplished objectively and truthfully. The basic methodology is one of a systematic approach and attention is focused on all relevant details.