Infotainment System Data Retrieval

NETS is now offering Infotainment System Data Retrieval Services.

In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems are designed to keep vehicle occupants connected. Data from these systems also has many forensic applications including vehicle events at time of loss or incident.

Some of the information that can be retrieved includes:

Paired Devices:


Contact List

Call Logs

Unique Identifiers

Location Events:

Track Logs

Start / Stop Log


Stored Locations

Ignition Key

Apple Car Play

Previous Destinations


Android Auto

Last Known Location

Gear Shifts

Door Status

Hard Braking

Odometer Reading

Hard Acceleration

Mr. Costa is a Certified Vehicle System Forensic Technician and Certified Vehicle System Forensic Examiner and has been trained and certified to retrieve and analyze this data.

NETS offers services from complete vehicle examinations with data retrieval to in-lab data retrieval from your provided module. 

Infotainment System Data Retrieval Vehicle Analysis:

Mr. Costa has a unique perspective as not only certified to retrieve data but when combined with his knowledge as a Certified Forensic Locksmith and ASE Certified Master Mechanic leads to a total vehicle analysis.  

Infotainment System Data Retrieval Lab Service Procedures:

  • Send undamaged Infotainment module to NETS facility for data retrieval
  1. Contact our office to discuss your specific vehicle requirements and removal process.
  2. Forward undamaged unit to our facility.
  3. We will retrieve data and provide to you.

Data extraction is a non-destructive procedure.

The Berla equipment utilized is constantly advancing – including expanding vehicles supported, data obtained, etc. – allowing a wealth of vehicle data to be obtained which can be an invaluable asset in your case. 

Please contact us at 800-221-4058 or 352-797-5208 for further information, supported vehicles, and pricing.

Jonathan Costa, CFEI, CVFI, CFL

Certified Vehicle System Forensic Technician 

Certified Vehicle System Forensic Examiner ASE Certified Master Technician