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10 Steps of Key Pathway Analysis

1.  Examine Keys For Duplication Marks.

2.  Examine Keys For Wear and Unique Identifiers.

3.  Determine if Key is a Factory Original, OEM orAfter-Market Duplicate.

4.  Decode Key(s) To Match Cut Sequence Against Ignition Wafers.

5.  Check Key Code Against Original Manufacturer Code.

6.  Examine Wafers For Picking, Tampering, Forcing.

7.  Examine Wafers For Wear and Unique Identifiers.

8.  Decode Wafers To Match Cut Sequence Against Key(s).

9.  Determine if New Key, Worn Key or Jiggle Key WasUsed In The Ignition Lock.

10. Determine if Possible Which Key Submitted For Examination Was Last Used In The Ignition Lock.


 (In all cases steps one through nine can be done and in approximately thirty percent of the cases step ten can be done)

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