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Key Pathway Analysis

     The key pathway microscopic examination is a process that exceeds any borescope examination into the interior of any lock components whether it pertains to a vehicle, residential or other type of lock. It is an examination which does not end with the analysis of the interior lock components as It also includes a microscopic examination of the keys.

     It is the type of examination that will result in providing our clients with all available physical evidence present on the examined components. The compilation of factual data, as well as an analysis of those facts, are accomplished objectively and truthfully. The basic methodology is one of a systematic approach and attention is focused on all relevant details.

     Key Pathway is a multi-step process that is not solely dedicated to the determination of the last key used. Click Here to read more on the 10 steps of Key Pathway to better understand what results can be obtained from our examination.

     More in depth information on the Key Pathway technique can be found in an article entitled "Beyond the Borescope" written by Richard Pacheco, Michael O'Shaughnessey, M.S.F.S., and Antonio Montiero, FL, IL