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Evidence Collection Services

     Below you will find a few of the evidence collection procedures NETS offers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the following, contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.


We have oil and transmission fluid collection kits available. These kits are complete with pump, hose, bottles and shipping containers. Call us on our toll free number: 1-888-NET-EXAM (888-638-3926) to obtain a file number and order the kits.


1.     Take photos of the vehicle from all sides with close-ups of 
         damaged areas.  

2.     Using paint tape, square off at least:
              A: Obvious hail damaged part (At least one for comparison)
              B: and any suspected not damaged by hail parts  

3.     Number all samples on tapes  

4.     Mix enough sample silica to do one or two samples at a time.  
         (Depending on temperature, samples will harden if mixed  in to 
          large quantities).  

5.     After all samples are dry and hard, label silica sample itself 
         to correspond to number on tape. 
         Place an arrow pointing to the front of the automobile.  

6.     Photograph all sides of vehicle, marking sample sheets accordingly. 
         (See Attached)  

7.     Remove and bag samples separately.  

8.     Send photo, samples, and sheets.

Test Results can be expedited within 5 working days of receipt of all materials needed.

Sample kits (pictured above) are available from N.E.T.S. or from local source. Cost is approximately $175.00 plus shipping & handling fees.

We have also found a basic kit from a source in California for approximately $34.00. The name of the product is Mikrosil and is advertised as a casting material for forensic use.

Kinderprint Company Inc. PO Box 16 Martinez, CA 94553 1-800-227-6020


To determine if headlamps or other lights were energized at the time of impact, a complete examination of all available headlamps and bulbs is recommended. 

When collecting the bulbs please follow the following procedure. 

  1. Document the Year, Make and Model of Vehicle and VIN if possible.

  2. Collect as many bulbs as possible for examination.  Headlamps, tail-lamps, parking lamps, brake lamps, license plate lamps and side-marker lamps.

  3. Photograph the vehicle and each bulbs placement before and after removal from vehicle.  

  4. Write the NETS case number on the paperwork .

  5. Document placement of the headlamp or bulb on the vehicle and mark the container, not the bulb itself.  

  6. Use Styrofoam coffee cups to prevent breakage of the evidence. 

    Place two cups upside down and stick the bulb through the cup enough to hold it in place to prevent breakage.

    Place another upside down cup over that one making a capsule type container and tape together or use a rubber band to hold.  

    Headlamps should be wrapped in bubble-wrap or other protective material.

  7. Package the labeled bulb containers in a box with packing material to prevent any shipping damage.    

  8. If all else fails and you are unable to retrieve the headlamps or bulbs, we will go to the vehicle to do the bulb examination on site.